10 Tricks To Make Amateur Video Look Professional

By | June 7, 2019

There is an expression that says, “Every pro was once an amateur”. The phrase has a meaning that all the people who are professionals in any field, the first time they are an amateur. I personally totally agree with this quote. Diligent is the key factor for a person in order to reach a professional level. However, there are other things that can make a person reach a professional level more quickly and efficiently, which is creativity.
For those of you who love to create a work of his own, either documentary or video amateur, I would love to know a few tricks that can result your video look professional. Because for me, it’s better to be a professional instead of making the work just to ‘look’. So, check this out!


Trick 1: Use Lighting

Use proper lighting or lighting so that the video can be seen better. You can buy or make your own lighting.
Trick 2: Take advantage of Sunlight

If you want free lighting, take advantage of sunlight for lighting. As the current “golden hour”, that is the right time to take pictures or record video with the best lighting conditions. Photographing at the moment of the “golden hour” can produce objects look smoother shadows. If there is still unwanted shadows, you can use any object in flat white or shiny. Such objects help reflect sunlight on the object you are going to record that looks uneven lighting.

Trick 3: Adjust Lighting with Editing Software

If still difficult to get a good light for video, you can take advantage of “color correction” in your editing software.

Trick 4: Create a Simple Tripod

If you do not have a tripod to download Stabilize the camera, try to create their own tripod. How easy really! Try to pair the screws on the screw holes on the bottom of the camera, and then tied the rope to the screw. After that, set the camera height is required while stepping on both sides of the bottom of the rope so that the camera can be stabilized.

Trick 5: Stabilize Your Camera

Too many gunjangan on the video to make a video look amateurish. To minimize gunjangan on video, you can adjust video speed by slowing the video.
Trick 6: Play Frame Video

Record video with higher resolution than you need. For example, you will create a video with 720p resolution, then record it video with 1080p resolution. In the process of editing, later you can use the zoom in and zoom out in order to look like a video filmed with two cameras without damaging the quality of the video.
Trick 7: Record Depth Objects


The camera lens is standard sometimes difficult to capture the depth of objects. How to outsmart the object is to record full zoom-in camera and mem-blur-right part of his background.
Trick 8: Audio Replace

Unfortunately, the trick number 7 makes sound generated objects are not recorded clearly. The solution, do 2 times the recording! Try to record objects from close to the intention of taking his voice, and record objects from far away to take pictures needed. At the time of editing, the audio content of video footage taken at close range to put the captured video over long distances.
Trick 9: Use Noise Filter

Even if you took the video pretty much in a quiet room, the sound produced will still cause noise when in editing the volume is raised. How to overcome the noise is to use noise filter which is already available in editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Adobe Soundbooth and Final Cut Pro X.
Trick 10: Dubbing

If the sound recording is still difficult to hear or her too much noise, you can do the dubbing on the video. It’s a bit complicated but this way is effective enough to solve audio problems that are difficult to sound or too much noise.
It was her 10 tricks on me to make the video look more professional amateur. Oh yes, 10 this trick inspired from YouTubers with channel name Indy Mogul. Thanks Indy Mogul!

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