5 Best Gadgets at CES 2017 Event Options Tech in Asia Indonesia

The exhibition Consumer Electronic Show (CES) has ended. Previous Tech In Asia Indonesia’ve summarized the five unique gadgets on display at the event which took place in Las Vegas, the United States. This time, Tech in Asia Indonesia featuring a row of five best gadgets at CES 2017. Five categories of best gadget we show this time taken… Read More »

5 Ways to Reduce the Impact of Global Warming

Perhaps the title of the above cases is that most have to watch everyone in the world because this is a case of hidden but very scary to face the world today. Global warming is a natural phenomenon and is characterized by the increasing average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere due to the effects of greenhouse gases. Increased… Read More »

7 Animals Disgusting Possible Only Living in Your ears

Even sometimes needed medical treatment to remove these parasites. Here is the true story of seven people whose ear never possessed animals disgusting. 1. Spider A woman named Victoria Price from Porthcawl, Wales in 2016 had experienced ear pain after swimming daily. At first he thought there was water trapped in the ear. However, he felt his ears… Read More »

10 Tricks To Make Amateur Video Look Professional

There is an expression that says, “Every pro was once an amateur”. The phrase has a meaning that all the people who are professionals in any field, the first time they are an amateur. I personally totally agree with this quote. Diligent is the key factor for a person in order to reach a professional level. However, there… Read More »

25 Unique Places in the Real World It’s Coming from a Fantasy Movie

Hai para penggemar film fantasi, acungkan jari! Selain cerita yang menarik film-film bergenre fantasi kerap menyajikan visual yang indah, unik dan seolah berasal dari dunia lain. Tempat-tempat ini biasanya dirancang khusus di studio atau dengan efek spesial komputer demi menunjang cerita di film. Salah satu sutradara yang terkenal akan estetika visual filmnya adalah Wes Anderson. Berbagai latar belakang… Read More »